Frequently Asked Questions about:

Returns, Refunds & Replacements

What is your refund/return policy?

Orders are eligible for refunds and replacements within 6 months from the order date. After 6 months, the order is locked and archived in our system and is no longer eligible for a refund or a replacement. Shipping fees are non-refundable.

For returns, we can accept an item sent back for a refund of the purchase price of the item (if any discounts were applied, the refund will reflect the discounted price, not the full price).

Due to inventory management and the policies we have with creators for their commission, we are unable to process direct exchanges of merchandise. We can accept a return for a refund (see above), and then you can place a new order for the item/size/color/cut that you prefer.

I need to cancel my order, what do I need to do?

As long as the order has not yet shipped, we can cancel an order for a full refund. Contact us with the order number (or reply to your order confirmation email) as soon as you decide to cancel your order! 

If the order has already shipped, we won’t be able to cancel it. However,  we can offer a refund of the item(s) minus the shipping fee upon return of the merchandise.

I ordered the wrong size/color/item by mistake! Can I return or exchange it?

If you notice the mistake before the order ships, we can cancel your order and you can place a new order - just contact us or respond to your order confirmation and we can help with that. We’re not able to edit orders after they are confirmed.

If your order has already shipped, we’re not able to cancel the order, but you can return the item for a refund and place a new order for the item/size/color/cut you want. We recommend placing the new order as soon as possible! Once Pizzamas ends, the products will no longer be available for purchase!

One of the items I ordered is missing! What should I do?

Our packers may put smaller non-breakable items, such as stickers and pins, inside of t-shirts or hoodie pockets. If your order included a small item and you do not see it right away in the package, it could be hiding. Remove all your items from the package, unfold/shake them out, and the missing thing might appear!

If the missing item is still missing, contact us and we can help you out! In your message, please include the original order number, and let us know exactly which item is missing from the package. If we have more available, we'll ship a replacement right away, otherwise, we can provide a refund for the missing item.

I received a different color/size/item than what I ordered. How can I get the right one?

Contact us as soon as you notice the mistake. In your message, please let us know your order number, what item you expected to receive, and describe or send pictures of the wrong item you did receive (this info will help us help you much faster!).  

We may email you a prepaid return shipping label for the wrong item, and ask you to drop it off at a UPS location near you. We will ship you the correct item, if we have one available, so you will not have to reorder. If we have none of that item available, we will provide a refund for that item.

An item in my order was damaged/defective when I opened the package. What should I do?

Contact us and describe the kind of damage that the item has incurred. Pictures also help us assess whether the damage occurred in transit, or if it was a manufacturing defect that slipped through quality control.

Once we confirm the reshipment, a replacement will be sent out within 2 business days. When a replacement is sent out, you will receive a shipment notification.

If the damaged item was a limited release or is no longer available for sale, we can only send a replacement if there is extra stock left in the warehouse. If there is no back stock, then we will let you know and provide a refund of the item and shipping fee.

My order shipped but never showed up! Where is it?

If your order is taking too long to arrive, don't worry! Our replacement/refund policy covers lost packages up to 6 months after the order date. For replacements to be sent in the case of a lost package, we will need the shipping address confirmed so we know there were no issues in the address that would cause the package to be returned or mis-delivered. If the address needs to be amended or changed, this will require a second shipping fee to be paid. 

For orders within the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and APO addresses, the delivery estimate is 7-10 business days. We can issue a replacement or a refund (minus shipping fees) if the tracking for the package has either:

1. stalled for 10 consecutive business days, or 

2. shows "delivered" but is not found in/on/near the mailbox or door within 3 business days of the delivered date.

For orders shipping outside of the United States, the delivery estimate is 2-6 weeks. This can depend on the total shipping distance (from Montana, USA) and the customs regulations/procedures in the destination country. We can issue a replacement if you have not received the package after 6 weeks from the date it was shipped.

If you think your order may have been lost in transit, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!