Frequently Asked Questions about:


How should I wash and care for my items?

For mugs, we recommend hand-washing mugs only to ensure the print lasts as long as possible. Mugs are safe for microwave use, but do not leave a mug in a microwave for more than 5 minutes.

Shirts and hoodies should be turned inside out, washed in cold water, and tumble dried on low to ensure the longevity of both print and fabric. If you are worried about shrinking, then line-dry. Ironing is not recommended, as some print methods (plastisol) are heat cured and will melt.

For plushies, we recommend spot cleaning with warm water and a gentle soap, then wipe with plain warm water to remove the soap from the fabric, and air-dry.

We do not recommend washing posters or CDs.

When will you get [insert specific item here] back in stock?

Products available to purchase on the Pizzamas site are available in limited quantities only and will typically not be restocked once they are sold out.

What brand of shirts do you print on? What is the fiber content?

Most of the shirts we use are Next Level Apparel or Bella + Canvas shirts.  Occasionally a shirt is printed on American Apparel, Gildan, or other brands. This information will generally be included in the product description. To be sure that the size you are ordering is the correct one, a size chart is included on every product page that designates the brand of apparel. 

The majority of our shirts are 100% cotton, and some may be cotton/polyester blends. We try to list fiber content for all apparel on the product page. If there is a specific piece of apparel you want to know more about and the info isn’t in the description, feel free to contact us and let us know the name of the product you would like additional details about! We’ll let you know and update the product description.

I wear a size ___, can I have apparel made for me? Can you print my design? Can I pick a different color?

The sizes and cuts we offer for our apparel come straight from the manufacturers, so the range is based on what they have available for us. We understand the need for smaller or larger sizes sometimes, but we are unable to accommodate specific requests for certain sizes or cuts.

We are unable to alter or print a design on a different color or style of shirt.

I have ideas for designs and/or products! How can I submit them/get them made?

We're always on the lookout for great designs for new shirts for future Pizzamas years! However, we do ask that you do not email us design ideas, as we usually don't have enough time to sort through and respond to all of them. That said, we love finding designs on sites like Twitter (@DFTBArecords) or Instagram (dftbarecords), so be sure to tag us on any work that you’d like to have considered. If you tag us, we'll be sure to see it - if we are interested, we'll contact you!

What should I do if I see someone using your designs and selling them?

Thanks for looking out! Unfortunately, we aren't able to do much in the way of stopping imitation merchandise, but if you happen across blatant copies, let us know, and we can help to keep tabs on it!