La Pizza Mort Shirt

La Pizza Mort Shirt

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Abandoned by time, a skull lies on the forest floor. Mushrooms, a controversial topping in life, overtake it. Glasses with empty lenses hang askew, and in defiance to the years which have made flesh irrelevant, a mustache clings bravely to the upper lip. The forest does not consider the identity of the skull as it sends creeping grass and bugs to engulf it, but long ago someone carved a sign into the forehead.

For remembrance? A warning? 

Whatever the intent, one word is caught on the wind. It plays through the trees and rustles the grasses. An empty forest rings with one final word: Pizza

Designed by Erica Williams

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Printed on Bella + Canvas Triblend 50/25/25 polyester/cotton/rayon.

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(Laid Flat)

XS 27" 16.5"
S 28" 18"
M 29" 20"
L 30" 22"
XL 31" 24"
2XL 32" 26"
3XL 33" 28"