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Pizzamas Sticker Sheet Subscription

Pizzamas Sticker Sheet Subscription

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A new sticker sheet design every month for a year!

Is two weeks of Pizzamas not enough for you? Then grab a subscription to our monthly sticker pack and extend Pizzamas till next year with a unique sticker sheet every month, designed by DFTBA’s very own art team.

Shipping is included world wide!

The first sheet is designed by Catherine Chang. 

Future designers: Zoe Polando Ryder - Lukas Phelan - Byron McKoy - Catherine Chang

Product Info: 4" x 6" Sticker Sheet - VINYL - Shipping is free!

How it Works

  • Your first sticker sheet will ship in October 2023, however you will be billed at time of purchase.
  • Starting in November 2023 you will be billed $12 on the first of each month until September 2024.
  • Your order will ship by the third week of each month.
  • The designs will be a surprise!
  • You subscription is for 12 months only and will automatically end, after billing, in September 2024.
  • Shipping included!
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