Old Man Yells at Pizza Shirt

Old Man Yells at Pizza Shirt

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These dang kids and their dang pizzas! In my day we walked both ways uphill, backwards, and hopping on one leg to get our pizza. By the time we got home it was ice cold and solid as a particularly hard rock, and you know what? We were grateful for it! But sure, have your luxuriantly soft pizza shirt. Bah!

Designed by Lukas Phelan

Printed on Next Level Apparel. 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester.


Sizing Chart

Size Body Length


(Laid Flat)

XS 27" 17.5"
S 28" 19"
M 29" 20.5"
L 30" 22"
XL 31" 24"
2XL 32" 26"
3XL 33" 28"
4XL 34" 30"